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  • Children's swimming cap Emme black-yellow fish

    Children's swimming cap Emme black - yellow fish  is made from silicone. It is very popular between kids because of the lovely picture and once they put it on they will never want to take it off.This joyful cap have a little fin on the top. It's suitable also for adults who have a good sense of humour and are not afraid of stepping out of the crowd:) It is delivered in a practical transparent velcro fastening case. Size chart for children's swimming cap Emme     Size   Length in cm   A (length on the edge)   17,5 cm   B (depth of the cap)   18 cm   C (size after the stretch of the cap)   22-25 cm   Girth of the head   ca. 45-54 cm  
    5,51 €
    In Stock
  • Finis Reversible Training Drag Suit red

    Training swimsuit Finis Reversible Drag Suit increases the water resistance . Training swisuit Finis is a good swimming tool for weight training. The swimsuit is to be worn on classic swimsuit and the water flowing between the layers increases the swimmer's resistance. The swimsuit is unisex , so they are suitable for men and women. The swimsuit is reversible so you can choose from two different colour variations.  The fabric is 100% polyesther in netting structure, which is chlorine and sun radiation resistant. The swimsuit has a string for fastening in the waist.  The size chart Finis Reversible Drage Suit Size Waist in cm S 66-71 M 76-81 L 86-91
    25,87 €
    In Stock
  • Swimming goggles Aqua Sphere Kayenne

    Swimming goggles Aqua Sphere Kayenne  are very popular goggles amongs triathlonists. The goggles have overdimensioned lenses with patented technology of lenses curve, which provides undistorted, wifer angle of vision 180 degrees. The new superthin microframe made from hypoallergenic Softeril material allows maximum adherence to the face, which maintains low hydrodynamic resistance. One-touch buckle makes putting on the goggles easier. On the top of that add  100% protection against UVA and UVB  radiation, water resistance,  antifog and anti-scratching layer . The result is the most perfect goggles available in the market.  Kayenne goggles with transparent  lenses are designed to provide the best visibility when swimming indoor or in darker condition. Kayenne goggles with smoky glass  dark lenses are designed to provide the best visibility outdoor or in high brightness condition. Stabilizing nose bridge provides safe and comfortable adjustment.  100% UV protection, durability, antifog and anti-scratching layer.  The goggles have a silicone strap for more comfort and durability. 
    18,10 €
    In Stock
  • Rucanor exercise band red 0,65mm

    Rucanor exercise band red 0,65 mm  is designated for the highest resistance.  It is suitable for fitness centres and also for home workouts. We recommend its use also for rehabilitation. The resistance and the strain is possible to increase by folding or doubling of the band. Rucanor exercise bank red is made from  latex . One piece is sized  120 cm  on its length and  15 cm  on its width. The package contains  2 bands .  We offer also  pink  and   yellow or blue bands   for lower resistance . The size chart Rucanor exercise bands Colour Thickness Resistance Pink 0,35mm the lowest Yellow 0,45mm lower Blue 0,50mm higher Red 0,65mm the highest
    11,81 €
    In Stock
  • Swimming belt for kids 850

    Swimming belt for kids 850
    The swimming belt for children 850  is suitable for kids from 3 years of age . The textile belt is 85cm long . The adjustment of the length and the fastening is by the  plastic buckle . The belt is compound of 9 pieces. It is possible to  remove and add again  every single piece according to the swimmer's need. The swimming belt is a  good tool for beginners . It is possible to combine the belt with another tools as swimming  armbands  or  kickboards . The belt is in orange-yellow  colour.  Name Length Number of pieces Age Swimming belt 850 85 cm 9 till 3 years Swimming belt 1000 100 cm 11 from 3 to 6 years Swimming belt 1300 130 cm 13 from 6 let The detail of the swimming belt
    7,36 €
    In Stock

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