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  • Pull Buoys For Swimming Arena Freeflow

    Pull Buoys For Swimming Arena Freeflow Pullbuoy an excellent swimming tool for all swimmers. This pullbuoy helps to strengthen upper limps and also improve the swimming technique. It has a multiple use. The main purpose of this tool is swimming without engaging the legs and increasing the arms activity. The pullbuoy is made from the polyethylen material.  This foam pullbuoy Arena is very light and has an eight shape. We offer it in a grey - black colour combination with Arena logo printed on one side. The pullbuoy is designed for optimal buoyancy and comfort.  Size chart of Arena Pullbuoy   Height of the pullbuoy (A)   Length of the pullbuoy(B)   Width of the pullbuoy in its narrowest place (C)   13,5 cm   23 cm   3 cm      
    16,29 €
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  • Mad Wave Hip Rotator

    Mad Wave Hip Rotator is a training tool, which helps the swimmer to work correctly with his hips and the swimming technique. Because of its side fins you will get better rotation of your body and strengthen the hip muscles. By using this tool, you will achieve more effective swimming and faster stroke.  The belt is from neoprene in black colour with velcro fastening. 
    19,01 €
    In Stock
  • Speedo Essential 5cm brief yellow

    26,01 €
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  • Speedo T-Kit Teamster Backpack 35l

    Backpack Speedo T-Kit Tramster Backpack   35l black  is very spacious backpack for sportsmen with many functions. The backpack is  durable  and specially designed for frequent use. The backpack has several pockets. The lower part is designated for wet items. In the main pocket there is a pocket for a  notebook  and several  little  pockets. The  side  pockets can be used for  water-bottle  or shoes. The backpack has a  padded  board for sitting, which is a part of the backpack with a special pocket.  Padded  and adjustable shoulder straps and waist have side buckles for easy adjustment. The  lower  outside fabric prevents the backpack from getting wet and it is very  durable . The  size  is 50,8 x 43,2 x 20,3 cm. The capacity is  35 litres . 
    76,93 €
    In Stock
  • Folding Bottle Carrier Foldable Rucanor

    Folding bottle carrier Foldable Rucanor is designed to hold up to 6 bottles. After its folding it is easy to carry thanks to its ergonomical holder. The folding carrier is in a black colour with an inscripted word Rucanor. The plastic material is solid and it easily manage to carry up to 5 litres of liquid. It is perfectly suitable for teams for competitions and trainings, when the water intake is very important. 
    15,51 €
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  • Finis 3x100M Stopwatch

    52,44 €
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