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The mysterious Sandy Island has been charted since as being located new New Caledonia in the South Pacific, but you won't find it in Google Maps today. Instead you'll see a faint outline of what looks like a long, thin island — but with no landmass in sight. Historically, the island was believed to be Eventually, sea charts began amending maps with the letters ED for "existence doubtful" after a of voyages failed to spot the island where it was charted. The crew also recorded ocean depths, which were never less than 4, feet — suggesting that there was no chance an island was lurking just below the waves.

These are masses of floating pumice that have been blasted out from underwater volcanoes, and then move around on the surface. It's possible that what Captain Cook — and the Velocity, later — saw were pumice rafts making a slow journey across the Pacific Ocean. You can check out other interesting Google Maps secrets here. Why do you think Captain Cook thought he saw an island that wasn't there?

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19.22 s 159.93 e

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Google Maps is hiding a ‘PHANTOM’ island that disappeared in – and experts are baffled