All black girls sex

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At age 21, she was abducted and forced into sexual solicitation. I had no limits on what I should have been doing, however, sexually. I secretly did what I could to mentally deal with this at the time. In alone, the National Human Trafficking Hotline reported 7, human trafficking cases, with 5, of these cases being sexual trafficking cases. One of the least acknowledged and under-appreciated facts about the statistic, however, is that the face of the typical victim is not that of Jaycee Duggard or Amy Smart, as media depictions of sexual trafficking suggest.

The typical face of sexual trafficking in America today matches the faces of the juveniles that have gone missing in the D. According to the FBI, 40 percent of victims of sex trafficking are African-Americans , with that being ificantly larger in the major metropolitan areas.

In overwhelming s, the persons most likely to be victimized are vulnerable Black girls and women. Black youths are three times more likely to be victims of reported child abuse or neglect, three times more likely to be victims of robbery and five times more likely to be victims of homicide.

With law enforcement more likely to see a Black sex trafficking victim as a prostitute and not as someone needing help, trying to find solutions toward keeping our girls safe may require a radical examination of the core beliefs American society is currently based on. Yes, but she would not have done it had her pimp not first held a gun to her head. So, stop judging and start helping. Understanding why African-American girls are being targeted requires taking a critical look at those that are actually taking the girls. However, these traffickers are marketing and selling the services of their victims to a largely white, affluent base.

Due to this, prosecutions of offenders devolve into a question of credibility between a politically advantaged white offender and a vulnerable brown victim. Typically, the result of this is the victim being silenced and blamed for what was done to her. We are the ones that typically end up in the criminal justice system, so there are more of us that are involved in jail or juvenile detention.

In , the Urban Institute conducted research in attempting to estimate the size of the underground commercial sex market in the United States. The study found that while street-level solicitation has declined, the proliferation of social media and websites such as back. The logic of why someone would engage in sex trafficking is clear; unlike drug trafficking, which deals with the selling of a consumable product, a sex trafficked victim can be sold repeatedly and traded to other traffickers.

For the offer of protection, adventure, a better life, or an escape from the hardship of their current lives, girls everyday are willingly or forcibly placed into the possession of those that would sell access to their bodies. In order to find a valid solution to the question of the disproportionate way sex trafficking affect the African-American community, each of these phenomena must be taken on. Daniels has shared that she was a victim of sex trafficking. They are facing racism in the criminal justice system, being forced to pay higher restitution fees, getting more jail time, dealing with biased family service officers, and facing care plans that are difficult or impossible to complete, leading to a return to the life and recidivism.

Read the full article in the Atlanta Black Star. Research, Data and Reports.

All black girls sex

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Girls of Color, Native Girls Have Been Sex Trafficked Since Colonization, Slavery