Arena Cobra Ultra Swipe Mirror

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Product description

Arena Cobra Ultra Mirror are racing swimming goggles with special anti-fog technology Swipe.

Finally, I had the chance to try out the Arena Cobra Ultra Mirror with Swipe!

What is my opinion? These goggles are great! Since Arena has come to market with Cobra Ultra, I am in love with them and I have not swum in other goggles. They have an amazing viewing angle, beautifully follow the face profile and extended "temples" prevent slipping. I didn't trust the Swipe system at first, but after trying and long-term testing I was pleasantly surprised by the functionality. Normally, my goggles began to fog up after two months, while at Arena Cobra Ultra Swipe I still saw clearly even half a year later. The Cobra Ultra Swipe concept is my favorite and I definitely recommend these goggles.

Some final words of advice:

For the first 3 months I did not interfere with the internal part and therefore did not activate the Swipe function. Still, they didn't fog up.

Do not use any glass cleaner as this will remove the Swipe coating.

Goggles with smoky glasses are really dark and designed for outdoor swimming or well-lit halls. For indoor swimming I recommend rather light slides.

Designed in universal size for adults.

The eyepieces have mirror adjustment so that they can be used even in outdoor swimming without any problems. Mirror-colored goggles provide protection against sunlight and glare, but it's also a design issue.

UV-filter absorbs dangerous UVA and UVB radiation, which can damage your vision. The goggles with UV-filter are suitable for outside and inside swimming.

The goggles have a wide angle of vision, providing you wide view and you can observe the surroundings. Ideal for swimmers on open water or triathlon.

The swimming goggles have a special Swipe Antifog technology. Antifog is an antifog layer inside the lenses. The Antifog layer reduces fogging significantly. But Antifog lasts up to 10 times longer than the standard. The swipe technology is revolutionary because the antifog layer is activated with the fingers of the swimmer. Therefore, in case of fogging you no longer have to worry about wiping the inside of the swimming goggles.

Swimming goggles have a double straps. This type of tape is designed as one long elastic band, which is doubled. Its advatage is that it fits to the head better, you can put one strap above and one below or set each of them according to your needs. The great advantage of these straps is that even if they are torn they can easily be replaced by new ones.

The goggles have an exchangeable nose bridge. The nose bridge can be removed and replaced for longer or shorter ones. You can determine which length best suits you and adjust your swimming goggles according to your requirements and shape of your face.

It is designed as unisex.

There are 5 sizes of exchangeable nose bridges available.

Approved and certified by the International Swimming Federation FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation). It meets all international standards and allows start at prestigious races.


Parameter Description
Material Thermoplastic elastomer
Age Adults
Lenses Mirror
UV Filter
Wide angle of vision
Swipe Antifog Technology
Belt Double
Nose clip Exchangeable
Gender Unisex
Part of the backage 5 sizes of nose bridges
Homologation FINA
Color White

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