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Product description

The Dryland Cord exercise band is made of high-quality rubber with comfortable soft grip. The rubber is the ideal tool to exercise resistance as an essential part of swimming training and fitness. Dryland Cord is designed for workout outside  and in the pool to stimulate swim movements and isolate important muscles.

With the help of this tool you increase your speed by creating more endurance and strength. You can practice the complete musculature like biceps, chest, shoulders, belly, thigh etc. By endurance training, you will increase your swim range. It is an excellent helper in gaining strength in a specific muscle area (e.g. during rehabilitation after an injury). Dryland Core has comfortable handles made of foam material with a secure grip. Compact, lightweight rubber cords are suitable for travel. The length of the rubber cord is 230 cm.

The exercise band is delivered in three levels of resistance:

Yellow band with light resistance

Green-blue band with medium resistance

Red band with high resistance

Finis strechcord, or expanders or exercise bands, is one of the most effective and most popular swimming aids outside water. It serves to strengthen the triceps, deltoid muscles and shoulders.

The aid is ideal for supplementing and diversifying  of swimming training. With the help of the bands, it is easy to train butterfly, crawl and breast arms. I personally use these simple exercise aids very much, and I always prefer them to classical training at the machines, not only because they can be used outdoors in the fresh air. Thanks to this aid, I better stimulate my arms and do not loose the feeling of water that is indispensable to swimmers. It works well with bands, and thanks to foam round grippers it is easy to use.

The bands have excellent elasticity. Unlike non-branding exercise bands, these resistance forces are evenly distributed from the beginning to the end. In case of common short bands, at the end it is very stiff and in the beginning it is very light. With these Finis bands, I felt a pleasant and balanced resistance from start to finish.

The length of the band is 230 cm and you can choose from three resistances - yellow with low resistance, green blue with medium resistance or red with high resistance.

Finis Dryland strechcord can be fixed almost for whatever you find in the pool or in the surroundings where you want to practice. They can be different handrails, any banister, steps at the pool, or at home to the heating pipe. Bands can be attached simply by the color eye and you can start practice after a few seconds.


Parameter Description
Material Nylon
100% Gum
Color Yellow

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