Funkita Dunking Donuts Kickboard

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Product description

Funkita Dunking Donuts Kickboard is a swimming board that will become an essential part of your swimming equipment.

The swimming board is designed for swimmers of all levels. It allows lower limb training and training of proper kick techniques. The board is ergonomically shaped for better grip.

The FUNKITA swimming board is designed primarily for swimming with legs but it also works well during series with arms. This swimming board has good shape and is light. It stays very well on the surface, so if you swim at high speed and push it with your hands with great strength, it does not sink and rather buzzes you, that's a big advantage. It is quite big, so it glides nicely on the water. It is well cut on the lower side for arm training, so it holds good between the legs.

The only disadvantage it has is that it is relatively slippery at the beginning of usage. It may also be unsatisfactory for someone because it is not modified on the sides and does not have anchors for turning.

In my case, it can't happen that this board is missing in my bag. I take it also to competitions where I use it for warm-up. You don't have to carry two boards (board and pullbuoy), one is enough because it can be used to swim with arms and with legs. In addition to this, it helps with arm position on the surface more than pullbuoy.

Boards from FUNKITA are available in different colors and with different motives. But I really like this pink with donuts because it looks so happy and looking at it during trainings make me smile a bit.

The dimensions of the board are 42 x 27 x 3,5cm.

EVA material (ethylene vinyl acetate) - This foam material is flexible, elastic and light. It is very durable, waterproof and is also resistant to UV radiation.


Parameter Description
Material EVA
Color Pink

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