Mate1 is a scam

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We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and . Consumers complaining about mate1. I ed up at 1am on Friday night and by Saturday afternoon, I had plus chat requests. My pics are not even live. This screams fishy and after reading the reviews, I am not liking where it may go if I give a credit card. How can so many young attractive ladies be so desperate to connect with a guy without even seeing his photo?

Worst dating site I've come across. So many to mention but here is the main 1. Most of there filters don't work. For example. I put distance 20 kilometres away and I was still getting profiles from all over the country. Even the didn't work. I ed up for a 6 month subscription and immediately I start getting likes from females but they all ask the same prearranged questions and if you ask them for a pic they never reply.

Considering that they were the ones to initiate the likes first it's very strange. Whomever created this site is brainless. How hard is it to get real girls on a site. Enjoy my money jackass because that's all you'll ever get from me. It's not hard to recognize immediately that it's all computer generated profiles.

Worse dating site ever. They should be banned from the internet. Last summer and fall, I used a different site for three months. About half of the women answered when I wrote to them. I had about ten dates. There's a huge difference on Mate1! About half of the women have had their profiles removed when I click on the link from my regular .

Those were probably already discovered to be fakes. Of the remainder, all but three never answered -- and I put a fair amount of effort into contacting potential dates. I never posted or sent anything that would be a turn-off, such as a solicitation of sex or naked photos. I am almost totally being ignored but maybe it's by non-existent women -- fake profiles, in other words. I can tell some of the women are not who they say they are.

As a professional writer, I can pick out non-native use of English fairly easily. In that same group, several women were much younger than my preferred age range. It seems to happen often. They commonly hide phone s in their profiles, asking for texts. Is that enough? You hear a lot about mate1 but not sure its all that unless you live in London or Manchester.

I'm in Cork so a bit smaller. Personally ill stick with wejustfit. Do not waste your money; most of the profiles are fake, and when they are real, they want money tons of scammers, a total waste of money. Not a good site for me. Talk and gone not interested in anything to many scripts as you soon find out. This is by far THE worst dating site I have been on.

I paid for 6 months up front. Right off the bat I was getting likes and getting present icebreakers from plenty of women. I thought wow this is great, that didnt last long. And not a single one replied. Bear in mind these women liked me first. This site is complete BS! Do not waste your money! ed for a month just to ck it out. First 2weeks were fine. Going into my 3rd week. The site would not send me notices and would lock down- couldn't even get to my home ! Also Good Luck contacting them- waste of time and money.

ed up for 1 month. Continued getting billed twice a month until I contacted my card company and disputed charges. People listed nearby where in different states or in other counties. No "matches" where able to video call or even speak on the phone, text only. All matches asked for money, gift cards and airfare. Within 24 hours of ing up I had over a dozen s and ice breakers to sort through! The problem? They hit you up one time probably from the people running the site and never reply to you again.

So they draw you in thinking there's a lot of women that want to get to know you ing you that this women just sent you an , don't keep them waiting You'll get at least s a day of women contacting you but again, when you reply back Complete waste of time. Stay away from this dating site at all costs. Be aware of the free trial. It will run into multiple and random charges on the card you use. It was impossible for me to cancel for month bc I was pit on hold for extensive amounts of time and my s were blocked. This company has the worst customer service.

CJ hung up on me twice and would not let me speak to a supervisor after he interrupted me and "demanded" to shut up! They will do this to try to keep from canceling your . I am still searching my bank statements and attempting to talk with a supervisor bc CJ their rep was terrible disrespectful and made demands instead of asking me nicely. They need to be put out of business! I have a membership and I really regret getting. I truly believe that all the female profiles I or they have matched me with are bogus. I want my money back.. No question just a comment I ed for a 3 day trial I has so many people contacting me I was elated but of the 20 men that I responded all turned out to be scammers Well, not every experience is the same and I can only speak from mine.

But I have used it and I think it may be the second best dating site I have used. I personally liked Mingle2day a little more but this site also seemed pretty legit to me. Don't know where all the negative reviews come from?!?! I like mate1. You can rely on it Personally I think it's up there with wejustfit. I've been on mate1 for a while 3 months.

I've never sent money to anyone of them but they try to get money claiming it's the beginning love process if I owned the site I would have a truth entering policy. This site will show you women that are interested in you that are not within your geographical area. They show the locals in your area, but based on your preferences, they show you completely the opposite. This dating site is crawling with scammers with fake profiles and IDs.

Be very aware and skeptical if you up to search this website. The next day when he wanted to chat on Mate! Mate1 is a creepy website full of African scammers and other kinds of scammers, and I couldn't get off the site fast enough! Tip for consumers: Be very, very cautious! If someone sounds too good to be true, they may very well be working on a scam. Not as bad as most people try to make u believe. I personally prefer Mingle2day but just because there are more members in my area. But mate1 is still much better than the average dating site out there which are almost all full of fakers and scammers.

I've realized that there are better options, at least for me. Especially mingle2day and match never disappointed me. Cupid looks good to me too. But mate1 seems completely legit though so no idea where all the negative reviews come from. Some scammers, like on any other dating site too. Just use your common sense and report fake profiles, that's all. I am total single lady and get reply back generated by the site never got a reply from a real person totally waste of a human time. Good but not good enough IMHO. Prefer wejustfit. Take it from a guy who has tried at least ten sites this year alone!

Paid for 3mo up front after getting a boat load of messages. Can't read messages till you pay. In one instance within 5 min of getting the alert. Two days after I paid my was hacked, and the hacker sent out s of messages. Was able to get in and shut down profile. Lost my money no way to contact these guys without having an . Eff em. Additionally the day after I shut down the someone tried to access the I used for the site.

This site is filled with false profiles and scams. Profiles are not verified by company hosting the services. Most of profiles have been people using a service called "Text Now" which is not a real phone . They will text you and later ask for money or gift cards. Do a reverse lookup of the after they start texting you and you will see what I mean.

Avoid this site at all cost very very shady. Use this site to look up phone s and you will see what I am talking about.

Mate1 is a scam

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