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School CP clips, four of which are New! A posed reconstruction of being spanked is shown over a phone interview in French with a psychologist who helped devise the spanking lessons for parents. Clip shows parents spanking small children, interviews with a Christian father who spanks, lawyers, and activists, as anti-CP agitators take their case to Canadian Supreme Court.

In California, a man punishing his son in his garden attracts the attention of prying neighbors. TV report A man who spanked his 9-year-old son is shocked to be charged with child abuse, an accusation his lawyer describes as unwarranted. TV report from Colorado. Five clips. Video not currently available. Video not currently available Report on a Minnesota man who spanked his year-old son for 15 minutes. Video not currently available News report on a piece of research which suggests that there is no evidence to support a legal ban on spanking children. Parents are briefly seen spanking their bratty toddlers.

Videos not currently available. Video not currently available TV news report on a decision by the Indiana Supreme Court June that corporal punishment by parents is lawful, even if it leaves bruises. Video not currently available minute news report from Florida about a man who is in trouble for spanking his 8-year-old son with a belt.

Includes interview with the man and his lawyer. Video not currently available Two-minute TV news item from Ohio about police questioning of a parent who spanked his son with a paddle. Videos not currently available Two rival TV news items on Joey Salvati of Pennsylvania, who, in obedience to a message from God, makes paddles and sends them free to parents who wish to discipline their kids. Video not currently available The clip includes interviews with a mother whose daughter saw the spanking and with a school district spokesman. A youngster gets a whacking from his taekwondo teammates to celebrate winning his black belt.

Visitors to a cultural festival get their backsides jocularly whacked by men in masks. College boys celebrate attaining adulthood by receiving 18 whoops with a belt on the seat of their jeans in a Polish birthday tradition. Video not currently available 2 Three Polish Army officers are initiated in a mass belting session. In a dormitory in Romania, serious bare-bottom pain for a young man being initiated into a sports team. Rookie soldiers get a taste of the belt from their mates.

Video not currently available 2 Three boys whipped in a taekwondo class. In a humorous advertisement for a chain of sports-shoe shops, a young woman tries out various different sneakers with which to punish her boyfriend across the seat of his boxers. Part of our "Spank while you sell" feature on CP imagery in advertising. Video not currently available 2 An American soldier in Iraq gets a paddle swat from one of his mates. Video not currently available 3 A real one-swat college fraternity paddling.

A jocular birthday paddling in a classroom, date and location unknown. The implement used might be the school's real paddle. Videos not currently available 1 An inventor demonstrates his experimental spanking machine on himself. A "first menstruation" rite-of-passage ceremony for girls in Venezuela. News report, March Interview with student who agreed to accept posterial CP from his Korean martial-arts instructor. The youth's father, who supported the punishment, also speaks. News report, A shopkeeper in Quebec foils a would-be young robber and spanks his bare bottom. Video not currently available Caught on camera at a public swimming pool in present-day Iran, punishment is administered with a flipper by the swim coach.

Might be staged as a stunt. Video not currently available Very brief TV news report includes a glimpse of the accused in custody at a preliminary hearing. Video not currently available TV news item about allegations that a judge in Alabama removed young men from prison and paddled them in his office. Video not currently available A follow-up to the item. The judge is barred from practicing as a lawyer.

Video not currently available The Alabama State Bar finds evidence that he is a "sexual predator" but on camera he denies everything. Video not currently available Video camera captures a mass whacking at a police training camp in Scenes of extrajudicial or unofficial punishment in Mexico 3 , Iraq 2 , and Brazil 2. Some readers may find these scenes distasteful or harrowing. Video not currently available Public flogging of a man and a woman by sentence of a local court, Video not currently available Protracted flogging by local mullahs of a teenage girl for running away from a forced marriage, This second video clip gives a fleeting glimpse of an impromptu flogging by the Taliban of a mostly hidden from view woman in a Kabul street, With news item Three clips.

Video not currently available 2 Offenders publicly whipped on the clothed back in This gives a much clearer picture of the procedure than clips. Video not currently available 2 An earlier and less clear film from local TV in which a man and a woman are punished.

Video not currently available 2 An offender is caned in public while lying flat on a bench, date unknown. Video not currently available 3 12 strokes with a whip are administered to a culprit lying flat on the ground. Video not currently available 4 A man receives a public whipping for drinking alcohol. Two clips. Part of our feature article on birching in the Isle of Man. We also see the contraption used, still in storage after lying idle for 40 years. May Scenes of the accused at the court premises.

June Freshly whipped l seen in the court corridors. June Scenes of the accused at the court premises. May The convict is seen being escorted through the court buildings at his trial. Jan Scenes in court precincts as man to be caned for sexual offences is led to and fro. Video not currently available Dec Two young men are paraded before TV cameras on the courtroom steps after being sentenced to strokes of the rotan for rape and robbery.

Video not currently available Australian TV report, Feb , on Malaysia's efforts, aided by the Australian government, to track down illegal immigrants and the people responsible for smuggling them. The Malaysian authorities remain unrepentant about their tough stance, which includes caning. Video not currently available An earlier report on the same subject, including a view of an illegal immigrant's bottom after one stroke of the rotan.

A minute film showing several genuine judicial canings in prison. Very graphic - not suitable for squeamish viewers. Not suitable for squeamish viewers. Full-length version of a stroke caning for which we ly had only an "edited highlights" version. In fact, it was never administered at all. Video not currently available 2 3-minute TV report Aug gives background to the case. Includes an interview with her. Video not currently available 2 Part of the Syariah caning of a woman is shown.

This was one of three, the first-ever canings of women in Malaysia Video not currently available 2 A man and a woman are seen being publicly flogged for adultery A of court-ordered whippings are shown being administered.

A video clip of Saudi JCP. Prisoners are seen being beaten on the soles of their feet. Not for squeamish viewers. Three video reports. Video report from the scene of the crime, April TV report gives background to the case. One video not currently available.

A very unpleasant scene, made worse by the stupid manner in which it is carried out. Five films. Five clips of formal if illegal CP by police or prison officials. Members of a commando unit in the Malaysian army get an unofficial on-the-spot caning in front of their comrades. This is a real punishment, not a token ceremony.

Mm spanking europe

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