Old sappy love songs

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It really is the perfect, utterly corny wedding song! So exquisitely cheesy, this Aerosmith ballad is about as dramatic and sickly sweet as it gets and the extra twists of heart-wrenching angst from lead singer Steve Tyler take it to a whole other level of excruciatingly cheesy — but also pretty darn awesome! A little bit of flirty fun, this cheeky tune celebrates your love and your relationship as being a miracle your new spouse dreamed about, so why not celebrate it, baby?

Awww… Definitely one of our favourite ultra corny but also ultra lovely love songs of all time! Look, we made it, despite all the naysayers many of whom are amongst our wedding guests. Take that, folks! With its smooth and sexy sax intro, this mellow Michael Bolton tune is so wonderfully mushy that it should actually be mandatory at every single wedding… ever!

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Old sappy love songs

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14 totally corny love songs you won’t be able to resist including in your wedding playlist