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Home » Dating » Reviews » SilverSingles. SilverSingles is one of the largest online dating websites for singles over the age of SilverSingles has been in the industry for over 17 years now and has paved the way for online dating for the 50 plus crowd in the U. Ready to learn more about this dating website? Want to know if SilverSingles is worth it?

Stay tuned for our complete SilverSingles review! Sure, you can read through what our experts say here and we encourage you to do that , but the ultimate judge and jury should be you. The up process for SilverSingles takes you through a very thorough questionnaire personality test which contains a total of questions, and 7 open-ended essay style questions. The total up process takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. The up process creates your profile for you, so your profile is basically done upon the completion of the questionnaire personality test.

The personality test may take awhile to complete, however it is very important to take your time and be honest with how you answer the questions. The more accurate your responses to the questions, the better suited your match will be. Answer the questions based upon what you know about yourself to be true.

In , psychologists McCrae and Costa created the Five Factor Model theory for personality traits, and SilverSingles bases their personality test using their model. Along with the Five Factor Model, SilverSingles gained insight from industry experts and psychologists specializing in relationships and online dating. The test is made up of different sections which ask you questions based upon your preferences, preferences in a partner, how you feel and think about yourself, and the things most important to you. The of the personality test are classified and detailed for you to review at any time.

You are not able to review the full detailed report unless you have a paid membership, but you are able to see a summary of your test . You may access your by selecting the Personality tab on your profile . SilverSingles includes a nice visual summary to classify your in an easy to understand format. The personality test are classified into five areas for you and for your potential matches. First area is Openness, this is regarding whether you are more habitual or inventive.

Second area, Conscientiousness, this is if you are more easy-going or more disciplined. Third area, Extraversion, this is regarding whether you are more introverted or extraverted. Fourth area, Agreeableness, this is if you are more cautious or more compassionate with how you interact with others.

Fifth area, Neuroticism, this is if you are more emotionally stable or more sensitive. Your matches can only see their compatibility with you, they cannot view your full personality test . Should you strongly disagree with your test , you are able to contact SilverSingles through their Customer Care link and request them to reset your profile. Please note, this will put your back to a default point and you will have to start all over again.

Perhaps you had a real off day when you initially took the personality test, and you want to retake the test, no problem, just contact customer support. Profile picture ing will take place immediately after you complete the personality test. Having profile pictures means that your online dating profile will be viewed eight times more than profiles without pictures. Only profiles you have been matched to will be able to view your profile picture as an added level of privacy and security.

All profile photos must be approved by the SilverSingles team. Once your photo has been approved it will be visible to other users you have been matched with. SilverSingles is jam packed with great quality matches and is the best possible choice for anyone over the age of If you are mature, older, or a senior single looking for quality over quantity in the online dating community, then SilverSingles is the best online dating site for you.

SilverSingles has well-rounded men and women who are truly interested in meeting someone great and creating that genuine relationship. The profiles we viewed on SilverSingles database were very diverse with a wide range of lifestyles, interests, personalities, and hobbies.

The websites matching algorithm takes the of your personality test and the specific preferences you listed to search the online dating websites subscriber base and find the best possible matches for you. The bottom line result of our SilverSingles reviews is…SilverSingles believes that the best relationships are built between two people who are not percent identical, but who have enough commonalities to keep things interesting… or spicy if you will.

SilverSingles is the go-to destination for online dating if you are over the age of 50, and seriously looking for friendship, love and companionship. The SilverSingles website is extremely easy to use, which our reviewers were very happy about!

We love when technology is streamlined and simple to use no matter your level of expertise or comfort. If you are not the best with a computer, then invite over your child, neighbor, grandchild or friend and have them help you through it. You will be glad you did because SilverSingles has one of the largest networks of online dating profiles for users over the age of Everything you need to look at is accessible through your home or profile . Navigating to either is very easy, all you need to do is hover your mouse over the round picture icon in the upper righthand corner of the web and then select either Home or Profile.

These links toy our home and profile are assessable no matter what you are on while logged into the SilverSingles website. If you are having any technical issues with the website, you may contact the customer support team via at: [ protected]. Be sure to take a screenshot of the you are having an issue with and any error messages as well and include the picture within your message.

For the customer support team to expedite a response to your inquiry, be sure to reference within your message the address you used to create your SilverSingles profile. There are a lot of great features on the SilverSingles dating website. Some of our favorite features are the daily matches sent right to your home , professional coaching for a profile makeover, viewing all profile visitors with a premium membership, and viewing all updates and messages in one location — the home .

With SilverSingles your brain can remain intact and your stress meter can stay in check. SilverSingles does the work for you, so you can relax and enjoy the new matches sent directly to you each day. Your new matches can easily be viewed on your home .

Another great feature is the Coaching option. We like that the consultation is a phone consultation too, and the professional will run through every area of your profile with you. How great is it to not only see who has visited your online dating profile, but how often they have visited? Oh yeah, that cutie was checking you out! They visited your profile 8 times, and they sent you a smiley face! As a paid subscription Premium member, you have access to view all visitors to your profile .

One of the best features is the streamlined Home . We love being able to see all updates and notifications in one place! SilverSingles hits the nail on the head with the ease of use of their website and the great Home .

The customer support team of SilverSingles is genuinely concerned with your satisfaction and success with the use of their online dating service. They take great pride in the work they do in helping thousands of people find love each day. The customer care team is in Berlin, Germany, so please be mindful of time zone differences when making inquires and expecting a response. The customer care team is not available on the weekends, so messages sent over the weekend will not receive a reply until the next applicable business day. The customer support team replies to every message as soon as possible.

When sending an inquiry for assistance with any issue, be sure to reference the address you used to create your online dating profile with SilverSingles. Be sure to list the most relevant topic related to your inquiry as the subject of your message. List as many details about your inquiry as possible.

If you are having a technical issue, take a screenshot of the you are having an issue with and any error messages as well and include the picture within your message. There are two different types of memberships available through SilverSingles, free and paid or Premium. Free memberships allow you to send messages and smiley faces to other online dating matches, however it has its downfalls. The biggest downfall is an inability to view other users profile photos… yeah, not even one.

The ability to see your online dating matches picture is huge. You can send messages to other online dating users within SilverSingles with a free membership, however you have no idea what the person you are writing to looks like because you cannot see their photos. Upgrading to a paid subscriber Premium membership is worth every single pretty penny to see what your potential matches look like. Read receipts are important. A read receipt is an electronic ature per say of when the person you sent a message to opened up the message and read it.

Pricing plans for Premium subscribers are cheaper when you select more months up front. The greatest use and savings will always be with the longer-term subscriber plans. If you think about it, finding a truly great match is worth the investment and this also takes time. Some people find a great match their first week of online dating, others most of us need to invest at least six months or more into finding our new boo.

Our reviewers were thoroughly impressed with the quality of the website layout, ease of use, and caliber of matches available through the SilverSingles online dating site. There is such a unique mix of people and backgrounds all utilizing the amazing product SilverSingles has created. We believe SilverSingles is worth it for anyone out there over the age of 50 who is serious about finding companionship and love. With so many online dating site options out there, these days it can feel overwhelming trying to figure out where to start, well to that we would say start with SilverSingles.

Whatever you decide, you would urge to try it out by first using the free for a day or so to see if you like the layout and matching process as much as we do, and then upgrade to a Premium membership once you already understand how all the features work. SilverSingles is a highly successful dating site for seasoned singles who are over the age of 50 and looking for serious love.

Silver singles sign in

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