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  • multiple usegood hold in the earlast part can be cut
  • multiple usegood hold in the earlast part can be cut
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Product description

Speedo BioFUSE Aquatic earplugs are part of the BioFUSE series. This technology focuses mainly on the perfect harmony of swimming needs with the body. They have an ergonomic shape for maximum comfort. Thanks to their shape, the Speedo earplugs are easy to fit and remove. In no case do you have to worry that you could not take them out :-). We know that for many swimmers, the water in the ear is unpleasant, and for others it can cause serious health complications. With Speedo ear plugs , you can safely and fully focus on swimming.

The earplugs are made from TPR. Speedo BioFUSE Aquatic ear plugs have developed sealing. A box is also the part of the package  so you can easily store the earplugs in the box. This discrete aid has blue-and-gray color of universal size.

It is one of the most popular earplugs for swimming on the market at all. Usually, I do not use earplugs for training, but why not try to swim with them once. Plugs resemble the end of classical headphones, when you insert the blue part into your ears and the gray end looks out. Do not try it in reverse, it does not work :-)

Unlike silicone earplugs, these can be used repeatedly from Speedo. They are washable and until they are lost or falls into the nearest canal of the pool, you can swim with them a lot of kilometers.

The ear plugs in my ears are beautiful and they did not fall out. However, if you feel like they can fall out, you can put on a swim cap over them. This will double the protection and isolation of the ears.

It is a surprising fact is that the earplugs float on the surface :-) In my view, the earplugs are great companion for those who are bothered by the water in their ears, or simply cannot afford it for medical reasons.


Parameter Description
Material Thermoplastic rubber
Color Blue

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