Top b schools ranking in india

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The year proved to be a watershed in many ways, mostly adverse, for the global economy. Conversely, it will prove to be a great boon for one specific set of people — those that sat for the Common Admission Test CAT in the last week of November On the positive side, the global economic recovery is likely to begin in the next six to nine months and probably head back to the pre—COVID levels not later than the second half of This means that when the MBA Class of —23 graduates in the summer of , the economic environment will be strong and growing, thus creating great employment opportunities for MBA graduates.

Having considerably reduced manpower during the current economic downturn, the HR planners at all large corporates would be looking to recruit top b-school management graduates in a big way to support their growth forecasts. You must make sure that you pick the right b-school to give the right push to your budding career.

With several thousand b-schools in India, the MBA scene is pretty crowded, a situation which can both be rewarding and confusing. On the other side, a wrong choice of b-school could potentially damage a bright career. With several thousand schools around, you may face considerable difficulty in evaluating, applying, and eventually ing one of them.

Also, it does not help that these schools make wildly varied and conflicting claims, some genuine and some exaggerated. In this context, we believe that T. Hence, it is important that you understand the key parameters used by T. Once these are understood, you need to look at b-schools for their performance on these parameters and arrive at your list of good b-schools.

This exercise calls not just for a great deal of authentic information about the schools but also some clear and deep understanding about them so that the data available can be analyzed correctly. Even as you try to obtain this information, there is a high possibility that you may fall prey to the false claims that fly thick and fast on various fora, including social media.

This is where T. Our transparent work ensures that you receive the most authentic information about b-schools. We are greatly delighted when our students build successful careers. Our success is a function of the success of our students. We spend considerable time and resources on the b-school categorization exercise as we fully understand how important it is to help you make the right choice in selection of b-schools.

With this in mind, T. As the title suggests, the b-school categorization has b-schools listed across . This categorization is the result of months of extensive research and data collection, ably guided by experts with decades of counselling students on MBA admissions. We strongly believe that this categorization will help you greatly in making a long- and short-list of schools you wish to apply for admission. For your information, we are sharing the important parameters and the methodology used by T.

The quality of students on a b-school campus makes a ificant difference on of the interaction that students have with their peers. A ificant proportion of the learning at any good b-school happens outside the class and a fairly large part of this comes from peer learning. A great deal of learning at any b-school is on of group activities such as asments and projects.

Hence, better the peers, richer is the learning experience. Some b-schools give weightage to other parameters like academics and work experience. Hence, cut-offs are a reliable parameter to judge the quality of b-schools. Placements are, undoubtedly, one of the key parameters used by most students to evaluate the quality of the b-school they are considering ing — and rightly so.

Almost everyone has a very firm eye on the post-MBA salary they would receive. They are also, quite justifiably, interested in the quality of the job they would land and the future prospects it carries. A large of b-schools boast of percent placement record.

However, such claims should not be taken at face value, and should be scrutinized closely. Similarly, sometimes b-schools claim extremely high salaries by adding ing bonuses or variable pays. It would be worthwhile to study these s carefully and consider the median salaries wherever provided rather than the average salaries arithmetic mean of all salaries as they would give a better picture of how most of the batch was placed.

Also, a glance at the types of companies visiting the campus would provide an idea of how the business world views the b-school. It also helps in understanding the different industry verticals and roles on offer. Also, it helps in understanding that all those companies that a b-school claim to be recruiting from their campus need not necessarily be around during the final placements. Some companies may have recruited a few students in the past but may not be visiting those b-schools anymore. However, a b-school may still claim such companies as recruiters.

You should, therefore, make the necessary effort to get a clear picture about such claims before making your decision. It needs a fair amount of due diligence before you can draw any meaningful conclusions about the status of placements at a b-school. It has been noticed that most students, in the excitement of using high average salary at various schools as a parameter, miss the average of offers that each student receives at these schools. This parameter is also important as it indicates the amount of choice a student has in terms of jobs across companies on offer. Unfortunately, there is no standard reporting structure on placement data that b-schools are required to follow.

Such a mandatory standard reporting requirement could put a stop to trickery resorted to by some b-schools and would make the placement data fair and reliable. However, it is also important to note that placement s reveal only short-term trends. What may get hidden are the long-term benefits that top b-schools could offer. Also, it is true that a stronger b-school brand will give a definite push toward a more successful and rewarding career in the long-term.

Hence, the 'brand image' of a b-school as perceived by the business world and the student community should be one of your key considerations while selecting b-schools. Also, the situation is slightly different when an older, well-established b-school sets up a new campus. This help may include, but may not be limited to, faculty support, admissions support, and most importantly, placement support. You should understand that the brand value of top b-schools, especially that of the IIMs, has the power to open corporate doors — this would mean gaining access to the right people, and in many cases, would make the difference between a deal and a no-deal, between a job and a no-job.

Long after you would pass out of the b-school, you would benefit from the power of its brand image — both in terms of career growth and in everyday professional and personal aspects. Not only students, the image of the school helps in attracting quality teaching faculty as well. Here, location refers to the geographical location of the b-school. Placements are better at b-schools located in places where there is a concentration of business and industry. This is because companies find it much easier to recruit management graduates from b-schools located geographically closer to their own headquarters rather than go to a b-school that is located far away.

A better location does a better job at attracting quality teaching faculty for the b-school. For these reasons, everything else remaining the same, the b-schools in Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bengaluru always score better than the b-schools based in other cities. Chennai, Pune, and Hyderabad make up the next level of cities. The impact that the location has on the b-school becomes more pronounced as you go down the category list. If you look at the new IIMs, you will notice that in spite of the non-metro nature of their locations, these IIMs are able to attract some of the best students and are also able to attract and retain senior academics.

With the fees at b-schools rising sharply, it is necessary to ensure that the return on the fee being invested does work out to be reasonable. It should, however, be said that fee is a non-issue if you make it to one of the best b-schools. Availability of loans to pay for the programme fee at a top b-school is fairly high while your ability to repay the education loan will also be high due to the good placement opportunities. Banks offer collateral-free education loan to study at top b-schools.

Some banks have classified b-schools into where the students from the top category b-schools get collateral-free loans at lower interest rates. As one moves down the b-school category rungs, banks may demand a collateral or charge a slightly higher interest rate or resort to doing both. This situation provides a great reason for you to work hard to secure admission to a top b-school. On the other side, fee becomes an increasingly relevant evaluation parameter as you move down the b-school especially since fee does not drop as sharply as average salary does.

An important factor to consider is the availability of necessary infrastructure in terms of state-of-the-art computer labs, high-speed Internet connectivity, well-stocked library with subscriptions to management journals, and classrooms furnished with audio-visual aids. A b-school that does not have these facilities cannot be called top class. If you are looking at ing a lesser known b-school, we suggest that you visit the campus, particularly if you do not know much about it, to gather first-hand information about the facilities available before taking a decision to seek admission.

Sadly, a of top b-schools, especially in large cities, do not have good hostel facilities. Of course, there are always options like staying as paying guests and tagging with college mates to rent out an accommodation. By the time the MBA batch of —23 starts its classes, we strongly hope that COVID would be a story of the past and that all campus hostels would be fully functional. A General Management Programme gives you the flexibility to any sector and thus offers maximum diversification and placement opportunities as opposed to a Specialization-based Programme.

All the IIMs and most of the other top b-schools offer this programme. However, some b-schools offer programmes catering to a specific sector or specializing in a specific area. You should consider these programmes only if you are interested in building a career in these disciplines. Today, several new kinds of programmes are being offered to cater to specific sectors and needs of the business world.

A few prime examples are actuarial science, retail, and insurance. The placement opportunities in these Specialized Programmes are restricted to companies in that sector and as such do not offer the kind of flexibility in terms of moving between sectors that a GMP offers. This should not matter much if you are interested in that specific sector, especially as top b-schools attract good recruitment from companies in those sectors.

Though the image of the b-school lends a good amount of credibility to such programmes, one cannot equate them to their GMP and treat them at par, as, in most cases, the credibility is only a rub-off and not a full transfer. Also, as one goes down the b-school list, this rub-off effect diminishes, and one needs to carefully evaluate such Specialized Programmes before applying to them. As a rule of thumb, you would be well advised to go for a GMP over SPs as the former offers long-term benefits in terms of flexibility.

The B-School Categorization process adopted by T.

Top b schools ranking in india

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