Tyr SaferSwimmer Yellow

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Product description

If you like to spend your free time at dams, rivers or ponds, this aid can be your helper for any open water swimming. The Tyr SaferSwimmer is  the product  designed thoroughly to the last detail. Tyr SaferSwimmer is a distinctive, visible, air-filled buoy, divided into two parts, namely air inflating and a storage part. So what does it mean for swimmers on open water?

First, it is certainly about security. The buoy has a distinct yellow font and you, as a swimmer in the open water, can be noticed very easily. Buoy has the ideal size, so you'll be able to see it in water with great waves.

The second thing is that the buoy is made of light but impermeable material, so it will not create resistance in the water, nor do you float with unwanted weights. The buoy is very easily and quickly inflated and blows through a special valve that prevents undesired flow of water into the buoy.

Another advantage I like about SaferSwimmer buoys is the ability to store the most important items in the inside the pocket of the buoy. The phone, keys, or money enter the pocket internally and thanks to the high-quality impervious material you do not have to worry about anything happening to your personal stuff. We tested it on our own, and the money in our inner pocket was still dry after swimming.

You quickly connect the Tyr SaferSwimmer buoy to your body with your belt and you can bravely jump into the waves.

I evaluate the buoys very positively, I like the practical and design aspects. It's a shame I will not use it when training in the pool.

Not only in Europe, however, this product is popular among swimmers on open water as well as triathlonists. And what about you, will you become another satisfied user of Tyr SaferSwimmer buoys? ;-)


Parameter Description
Material PVC
Color Yellow

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