What to say to girls in bars

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in. There she is, the girl of your dreams. Sipping on her beer, writing in her journal, and most importa n tly, at the bar…alone. If you are that lonely man who is in need of bringing an uninterested gal home, please see below. I have crafted the fool proof how to guide for this exact occasion. Girls love it when you point out the obvious. Any company is better than no company, right? You: What beer are you drinking? Girl at the Bar: Oh, uh, the Mermaid Pilsner. You: Cool. A Lagunitas. Plus, you are way more interesting than some non-fiction historical bullshit.

Bonus: tell her if she likes devils, you can be a devil in her white city. Ask her favorite food and then immediately tell her yours. Ask her favorite movie but then tell her yours. Ask her favorite place to go out and then interrupt her and tell her yours! Girls love it when you comment on their looks. Tell her things like:.

If that girl at the bar is seemingly getting work done, ask what she does for a living. So can I give him your ? Girls love giving their to guys who are too scared to talk to them in person, but still somehow find a way to interrupt them. I love when bros at the bar who have never done comedy before give me joke pitches. Those jokes are always better than anything I come up with. Tell her you can be of assistance and be her friend for the evening. And definitely go big. You want to be memorable. Talk about TimesUp. Any girl would much rather spend time with you than be alone. You are her biological craving, so she will eventually have no choice but to give into her animalistic desires and succumb to your advances.

See guys? If you feel weird about this feel free to, you know…just not talk to her. But like stop staring you creep! But above all the best thing you can do to stand out from the crowd is walk away and never speak again. Get started. Open in app. Jamie Lerner. in Get started. Get started Open in app. Dating Girls Feminism Parody Humor. More from Jamie Lerner Follow. More From Medium. Antanosy Madagascar Salama. Revisit May 19, Emma Hale. Lydia Damon. Caroline de Braganza in The Bad Influence. Enzo Seven. About Write Help Legal.

What to say to girls in bars

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10 Ways to Start a Conversation with That “Girl at the Bar”